HVAC In-House Financing

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HVAC In-House Financing

HVAC Contractors all over the nation understand homeowners are watching EVERY PENNY when it comes to home repairs. HVAC Financing wasn’t an issue in years past, but in this economy more and more homeowners need assistance with small repair cost. Smart homeowners are calling multiple HVAC Contractors getting estimates, looking for the best deal. The homeowner accepting the best estimate often isn’t the best idea because a lot of that work is substandard. Excellent HVAC Contractors are seeing a decline in business because their estimate is slightly higher due to the job being completed properly with the best materials, but the homeowner goes with the cheapest to save money.  This can be very frustrating and lead to layoffs and fewer hours open for business. Cheap and Substandard contractors are seeing a rise in business because they take advantage of the homeowner’s financial situation.

VIP-HVAC In-House Financing

So what does this all mean and what is the solution? Homeowner’s are very aware the contractor they are hiring for the job may not be the best, but they have no choice. Over 60% of homeowner’s can’t pass a standard credit check due to the bank’s tough credit requirements. So they are left with the cash they have on hand for the repair. No Credit Check HVAC Financing is the solution to this problem…  Think about it, if you save 2 or 3 jobs per month with In House Financing, HOW MUCH WOULD THAT ADD UP TO OVER A YEAR?

There’s no payment processing machines to lease or buy, you simply log in to our secure website and process your customer from an iPad, Tablet or Laptop. You’re PAID within 48-72 of customer approval.

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